Microcyn® Technology

is highly stable, proven safe and consistent in formulation in every bottle.

"No other hypochlorous acid on the market can weigh in with comparable claims. Not one."

-Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (Formerly Oculus Innovative Sciences Inc.)


The Microcyn®Technology is unique in many ways.


It is....​

Developed and produced by Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (Formerly Oculus Innovative Sciences Inc.), a U.S. listed biopharmaceutical company, under continuous refinement for over 16 years

The original and very first hypochlorous acid (HOCl) introduced into the U.S. advanced wound care market

World’s best selling hypochlorous (HOCl) wound treatment product healing over 10 million creatures - human and animals, without any reported significant adverse events.

Used daily in over 20 countries and over 400 hospitals in the U.S.

Its unique solution chemistry is proven safe and effective in helping to reduce itch, scarring, inflammation, skin infection and improved healing in over 30 clinical trials

Patented by 53 issued patents and 109 pending patents worldwide

Has obtained 18 FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and 20 CE (Conformité Européenne) approvals

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